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 WELL MAN COMPANY its focus is on delivering exceptional service and striving to execute to the highest of standards - regardless of project size or complexity. We offer a wide variety of products and services including all type of scaffolding works. The cup lock system scaffolding is used for scaffolding in places of safety importance , the cup lock is fastened to the steel pipe, all the components are axially connected, the force performance is excellent, the disassembly and assembly is convenient, and the connection is reliable and risked loss is avoided. The Cup lock system includes the Cup lock Standard, the Cup lock Ledger, the Cup lock Diagonal, the Cup lock Transom, the Steel Plank, the Base Jack and the Coupler. World Scaffolding can offer users a full range of products. Diversity. Faster assembly and detachment, stronger carrying capacity, less investment, and plenty of turnover. Stability. Ideal for supporting form work. Low maintenance. This is the specialty of this cup lock system scaffolding




The Well Man Company Cup lock scaffolding parts and Korean Frames are available for rent and sale in supply, and the Well Man Company policy is to complete the scaffolding work on time for any project. Wellman Company Scaffolding customers in Bahrain can sell new and used products at affordable prices.
A variety of fast assemblies, use in high-rise buildings, detachment, strong load-bearing capacity, low investment, and the ability to fit in problem areas make it ideal for supporting all types of stable formwork. Low Maintenance Cup Lock System Scaffolding Features,
Scaffolding materials, aluminium beams, heavy-duty jacks, Korean H frame, wooden board, steel board couplers and clamps are available at the company store in Tubli, Kingdom of Bahrain.



Teams of experienced local workers are managed to construct all types of sites to specification.
WELL MAN COMPANY has a verifiable track record of high quality site builds. Rigid quality control
with warranty compliant documentation.Our qualified technical staff and subcontractors carry out network design, project management,
installation, commissioning, Integration and Optimization of all major suppliers’base stations,
base station controllers and trans coders. Antenna optimization forms part of the integration and
optimization processes We handle all kinds of services very responsibly
Well man company's success is full of customers' happiness



 WELL MAN is a leading  of scaffolding and Telecom Tower work's  in Kingdom of Bahrain, providing safe and durable structural systems for construction, renovation and maintenance work. We supply a range of scaffolding products, including Cup Lock with Korean H Frame and Aluminium scaffolding systems, table formwork, tubes, couplers and boards as well as aluminium system scaffolds and ladders. Our company is known for its emphasis on safety and rigorously tests all its products before supplying to clients. SSF’s scaffolding also fulfils the requirements of BS5750, the British standard of quality assurance. Our fittings are designed to accommodate the British standard 36 mm O/D scaffold tube, unless otherwise stated. Our certification with NEBOSH HSE and TUV is indicative of our commitment to delivering the best solutions to our clients.
Contact us to learn more about our products and services to see how we can help achieve your goals. We look forward to serving you!






WELL MAN COMPANY We offer and maintain optimized full turn key network role and management solutions high standards through continuous improvement using maximum effect lessons She learned how to serve a range of clients and implement multiple tools in multiple environments.
Well Man Company’s strategy is to ensure high quality and cost effective services are delivered from the best locations. This enables  clients to respond Towards changing market dynamics.
Well man Company has an integrated knowledge base of over 25 years with senior management
We have refined our techniques through a progressive detailing process about the projects in the Bahrain ability to progressively evolve with industry developments
Spectrum of our services in a managed manner to meet the growing needs of our clients
As management of networks expands. Motivated our Lowland staff and distributor / subcontractor
In all areas where we operate, the internationally accepted industry practices are based on,
Ensures the delivery of safe and functional solutions that are adequate. The head office is located in India and we have offices through out GCC Capable Providing Turn key services to telecommunications and related industries. 
Well man sub contracts for the Scaffolding division including skilled labours  with Experian's scaffolders and supervisor and scaffolding Inspector with management Team its available at any time
TSP and authorized vendors working for ASRY,BHRAIN NAVY. All our staff have multiple vendor experience,
They are trained and developed to cope with situations where they are needed. This the approach inspires and resources multiple talented individuals Thinking on their fit in any situation.


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